Lindsey Dempsey

Phoenix, AZ

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Lindsey Dempsey holds a Masters of Business Administration in Marketing and carries 15 years of strategic Marketing experience. She has been a part of the Digital Marketing evolution since inception. Prior to starting her own agency, Lindsey was on the ground floor of creating the Community Relations department at Apollo Group/University of Phoenix and served as Senior Marketing/Community Director for Yelp Phoenix from 2010-2015, growing the Phoenix Market to become the top 10 in the Nation. During her time at Yelp, Lindsey was solely responsible for designing and managing experiential events and strategic marketing campaigns. Lindsey worked with top-tier brands like GoDaddy, Paypal, Live Nation, Hilton Hotels, Scottsdale Fashion Square, Super Bowl Host committee and more. Lindsey’s work has been featured on Fox, NBC, ABC and PBS and some of her most notable accomplishments include “The World’s Largest Snack Stadium, Yelp’s Ultimate plaY Date at the Phoenix Children’s Museum, Yelp’s Science Fair at the Arizona Science Fair, Yelp’s Western Adventure, Super Bowl 49 Get Big Game Day Ready and nearly 500 others.
Throughout her career, Lindsey always had the dream of starting her own agency. Lindsey took the leap and started Elite Market Savvy as a result of witnessing small businesses continuously struggle with creating an authentic connection with their target audience. Lindsey set out to help small businesses grow their online brand with their target audience through community building, content marketing and through the execution of effective Marketing strategies. Elite Market Savvy specializes in coaching small businesses on ways to achieve Marketing success through Digital Marketing Campaigns, Content Marketing, Community awareness campaigns and partnerships with the most successful influencers both online and offline.

Through Elite Market Savvy, Lindsey runs Arizona Influencers, a thriving online community of over 200 business owners, influencers and industry professionals in the Valley. Through this group, Lindsey works towards the main goal of growing the Arizona economy through the execution of innovative social media and community campaigns that effectively gets the community to engage with businesses.

In 2019, Lindsey launched, a website dedicated to connecting families with businesses through experiences and events. Lindsey noticed a growing need for families to find connections with each other and with the businesses who welcome them. Through a community of like-minded individuals, Lindsey works with local families and businesses to create experiential marketing campaigns that are effective for businesses and memorable for families.


Community & Marketing Director


  • In charge of Marketing, PR, Event Planning, Social Media and Business owner education for the Phoenix metro
  • Promotes Yelp both on and offline.
  • Works closely with businesses to come up with ways for them to effectively raise awareness about their business to the tastemakers and influencers.
  • Educates businesses on by hosting business owner education seminars and meetings.
  • Educates business owners on online reputation management.
  • Event planner and host of monthly events for the community of active and vocal influencers, with attendance ranging from 100 to 2,000 in attendance.
  • Identifies and executes marketing partnerships with events and organizations.
  • Writes the weekly email newsletter ( which is distributed to local subscribers.
  • Manages the social media accounts for Yelp Phoenix, including the Twitter handle with 11,400 followers.
  • Acts as the local “face” of Yelp and Yelp representative for media appearances and interviews.
Associate Director, PR, Community Relations

Grand Canyon University

  • Manages Public Relations accounts.
  • Teaches and mentors college students on public relations and community relations.
    Plans and implements public relations strategies, policies, and procedures.
  • Manages media relations to increase presence of the University locally and nationally.
  • Oversees and directs the Internal -Communications team of the Communication’s Manager and Specialists.
    Responsible for directing and approving all staff, student, alumni and faculty communication.
  • Fosters and maintains strategic relationships with key influencers by identifying and developing relationships and organizing events with community, non-profit, and political organizations.
  • Identifies and develops appropriate sponsorship opportunities, special events, projects and programs that will increase brand awareness, trust and loyalty pertaining to community impact.
Community Relations Manager

University of Phoenix/Apollo Group

  • Built, executed and maintained partnerships with non-profits nationwide under the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility model and business mission.
  • Created and implemented engagement strategies for employees, students, faculty and alumni nationwide, by expanding and nourishing relationships with non-profit partners in areas not limited to: business/organization relationship development and growth, volunteerism, financial support, in-kind giving, event sponsorships, company awareness, community initiatives and public relations.
  • Created innovative community campaigns for non-profit partners to include the creation of the plan, website, electronic and printed marketing materials, company-wide communications, securing company support, social networking communication, planned events and event promotion.
  • Managed the department interns and coordinator positions.
  • Created and maintained the Community Relations website
Project Manager - Marketing

University of Phoenix/Apollo Group

  • Account Manager for all direct and lead generation internet marketing components for University of Phoenix Online, Axia College, Alumni, Scholarships and Public Affairs.
  • Prepared and managed print marketing, internet marketing, website creation and audio marketing from the start to the finish of each project.
  • Managed the company’s first e-commerce marketing partnership with

Elite Market Savvy Marketing

Client services specialist assisting with the project management of Marketing campaigns from idea to execution.
Client strategist for Marketing development and growth
Client strategist for Digital Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Experiential Marketing, Content Creation
Marketing Coach to assist with the development and execution of a Marketing strategies and execution.
Consultant for marketing, public relations, social media management and reputation management.
Trainer for marketing, public relations, social media management and reputation management
Owner of Arizona Influencers – a growing group of over 200 prestigious professionals who are influencers within media, social media and business entrepreneurship.

A website that connects families through experiences and events
Experiential marketing to create marketing opportunities for businesses to bring in local families and create a returning customer
A community for families to connect with each other and local businesses
Private events at businesses throughout Arizona
Website featuring over 100 local events catered to families
Local concierge to create itineraries for locals and visitors.


University of Phoenix

Masters in Business Administration & Marketing

University of Arizona



Events Marketing PR Social Media Coaching Reputation Management


event planning PR Marketing Social Media Writing Training Consultation